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Drunk Driving, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Immigration, and Bankruptcy Lawyers

Drunk Driving, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Immigration, and Bankruptcy Lawyers

Criminal Law

Michigan DUI Lawyer

At Hendricks and Watkins, PLC, we handle all DUI matters, including drivers' license issues, from motions to suppress evidence gained from a bad stop, to a full-blown trial.  We also represent those facing charges of causing an auto collision while driving drunk.  For assistance with DUI or other charges involving a car crash, contact a Michigan drunk driver accident lawyer today.  Free initial consultation.

Hendricks & Watkins, PLC
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Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

Our attorneys have handled over 700 state and federal cases.  We also assist clients with bail and bond questions, including bond reduction motions.   We also represent clients in post-conviction matters, including expungement of the record.

Theft Crimes
We handle everything from misdemeanors and traffic violations or traffic tickets to felonies, both state and federal.  We handle theft charges from retail fraud, often known as shop-lifting to forgery or uttering and publishing bad checks to non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges.  We also handle all other theft charges from embezzlement to purse snatching cases, including auto theft, armed robbery, home invasion, breaking and entering, and larceny in a building.
Sex Crimes
As attorneys who have represented many individuals charged with so-called sex crimes, we understand all the negative consequences of such a conviction.  If you have been accused of child sexual abuse, molestation, internet child pornography, statutory rape, or solicitation of prostitution, contact Hendricks and Watkins, PLC, for an aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer.
Drug Charges
From drug possession to drug delivery, we assist those facing drug charges.  If you or a family member has been caught in possession of marijuana or methamphetamines, we can help.
Violent Crimes
Many of our clients facing a conviction for domestic violence also face the possibility of losing their rights to possess firearms.  At Hendricks and Watkins, PLC, we can help.

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