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Drunk Driving, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Immigration, and Bankruptcy Lawyers

Drunk Driving, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Immigration, and Bankruptcy Lawyers

Family Law

Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney

Michigan Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Many couples start out thinking they have all the issues settled, and they will have an uncontested divorce.  Then, after filing, one or both of them realizes there are many issues they have not considered or that the issues are much more complex than they thought.  Some of those cases quickly become contested divorces, ending up costing a lot more than they should.  For instance, equitable division of property, including such assets as the marital home, both spouse’s retirement pensions, and other assets like 401 (k)’s can get complicated fast.  Even if you think you do not need a lawyer for your divorce case, contact a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney for a free initial consultation before you file.

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Child and Spousal Support

Even in legal cases in which the parties do not intend to divorce, all the financial issues, including support and alimony must be addressed.  In fact, some spouses start an action because of the need to protect the family finances.  Many factors come into play in determining whether a party will receive alimony and in determining proper amount of child support.  For questions about spousal or child support, contact a Michigan family law lawyer, at Hendricks and Watkins PLC, for a free initial consultation.

Other Family Law Matters

We handle both spouses in cases involving domestic violence and personal protection orders.  We also handle post-judgment matters, including modifications and enforcement of court orders.  And, we handle paternity cases, involving paternity testing, and the establishment of paternity, including paternity fraud.

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